Video: Trim The Tree Branches Touching Your Roof

Take a look at the trees around your home. Are there branches touching the roof? As a general rule, tree branches should be trimmed so that they are three feet away from the shingles. Those tree branches move in the wind and can rub a roof raw in just a few days. Tree branches can..

Video: Check Your Roof

This can be a visual inspection from the ground, but periodically you should have a professional check it for damage or defects. This can save you a lot of headache. Last month, we had a customer call for a roof inspection. We had done their roof 17 years ago. Sometime in the last 17 years,..

Roof Protection: Defining the Levels of Roof Warranty

The roof above your head is probably the single most important part of your home, so it’s only natural to make sure it’s in top shape. So when you’re still choosing a roof, whether it’s a replacement or it’s for your brand new house, it’s important that you pick one with the right warranty attached..