Video: Understand Your Insurance Policy

We live in a storm area. It’s not a question of if, but when. So don’t get caught short. Did you know that some policies can have two different deductibles. An example of this that I saw recently was a homeowner that thought he had only a $1,000 deductible, but when he filed a claim..

Video: Common Problems with Skylights

One of the most common sources of roof problems is a skylight. Skylights are an individual choice, but if you are one of the people who love skylights, you really love them. The extra light that they allow brightens up the home and it is nice to be able to see the clouds go by…

Transform Your Home With Our Exterior Services

To transform your home’s appearance, we recommend investing in exterior home improvement projects. All American Roofing is one of the most experienced roofing companies in our local area. We can install a beautiful new roof for your home that can improve its curb appeal. In addition, we can upgrade your siding and install replacement windows.

Tips on Avoiding Storm Chasers

Storms can cause severe damage to any property, leaving business owners and homeowners perturbed and vulnerable to storm chasers. Simply put, they’re untrustworthy individuals who prey on victims of storm damage. They tend to make unsolicited phone calls or unexpected visits, claiming to be professional contractors.