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Should I Replace My Windows Now?

Window replacement is a big decision for any homeowner. It requires time and money, so you should only make sure that it’s reasonable and worthwhile. If you are not sure about what would be a good reason to replace your windows, trusted window and roofing contractor All American Roofing discusses the best reasons to carry out a..

Why Double-Pane Windows Suffer Discoloration

Heat gain and heat loss through windows account for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use, according to the Department of Energy. That’s why most homeowners prefer double-pane windows. Compared to a single-pane window, double-pane windows are more energy-efficient and can help lower electricity costs. However, because double-pane windows are designed differently than conventional single-pane..

4 Essentials Roofing Do’s and Don’ts After a Storm

Now that the storm has passed and the skies have cleared, it’s time to take a closer look at the damage to your roof and property. But how exactly do you get started on this task? All American Roofing, the area’s premier residential roofing company, shares some important roofing do’s and don’ts you should consider:

3 Factors That Affect Roof Repair or Replacement Costs

Roof repair or replacement can take a considerable amount of your money. That’s why you’ll want to learn more of the crucial factors that can affect the overall cost of the project. This way, you can plan accordingly and set a more suitable budget. All American Roofing, one of the area’s top roofing and siding companies in..