Is a House Wrap Necessary Before Siding Installation?

Getting new siding is a great way to boost form and function for a home. As siding wraps around a property, however, installing one or replacing what you had can be considered a major home improvement project. As such, it’s extremely critical to make sure it is done right, starting with determining whether or not you need..

How to Deal With Frost on Windows

Frost is pretty but it’s not something homeowners should welcome on their windows. It’s a lot less common now with the advent of better window options but it still happens, especially on older homes. If you’re dealing with frost on windows or want to prevent it, window and residential roofing pro All American Roofing is here to..

How Roofs Affect Home Insurance Premiums

Many homeowners don’t pay attention to their home insurance premiums, simply paying what they are supposed to in order to keep their policies active. However, if you’ve ever wondered what determines how much you should be paying, read on as trusted roofing company All American Roofing discusses the connection between roofs and insurance premiums.

How to Protect Your Commercial Roof From Damage This Winter

Compared to residential roofing systems, a commercial roof can be more challenging to care for due to their lack of slope. During the winter season, however, the challenge is taken up a notch as the weather conditions during this time of the year can be quite brutal for any roof. Thankfully, there are a few..

Metal Roofing in the Winter: 4 Ways to Prevent Ice Dams

Metal roofs are one of the most popular roofing materials today. This is due to their affordability, longevity and cool roofing capabilities that allow homeowners to save a significant amount on their monthly bills. However, some homeowners are still on the fence about having one installed due to a few seasonal concerns, such as ice..

TAMKO® ‘s 75th Anniversary: What It Means For You

When it comes to residential roofing projects, you may be shocked to know that there is an abundance of materials and brands on the market for your consideration. While there’s no doubt that almost every brand available can both suit your needs and perform admirably as well, there is one brand that you should especially..

Owens Corning® Sustainable Operations: What It Means For You

With homeowners becoming more and more environmentally conscious every year, roof manufacturers are steadily following the trend. In fact, trusted roofing company Owens Corning® just earned a place on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) for the tenth year in a row. For the uninitiated, the DJSI World is an elite listing of..