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Video: Insist on Quality

Most of us have good memories of our grandparents. My granddad was a successful small businessman. I would sit by his knee while he imparted knowledge to me a little at a time. One of the things he shared with me was a quote from the 1800s by the social critic John Ruskin. “It’s unwise..

Video: Supervision

Occasionally, I’ll have a customer call me and ask me to give them a price on roofing their home while they supply their own shingles. The fallacy in this situation is that they want to think that all roofers are equal, all will do a good job. All of the roofers are equal. I want..

Video: Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing is seeing a resurgence in popularity for residential roofing. It has been widely used for thousands of years. The Greeks and the Romans used metal to protect their homes and it has always been a popular choice on commercial structures. Metal Roofing comes in a large variety of profiles, but the three most..

Video: Let Freedom Ring

George Washington’s spy ring was called “The Secret Six”. Out of fear of reprisal, only Washington, who kept it secret to his grave, knew the identity of those six brave patriots. Their identity can only be guessed at today. The 4th of July, our nation’s birthday, is a special time for us here at All..

Video: Roof Coatings – Part 2

This week, we are continuing our comments about roof coatings. Last week, in order to show our customers the quality of our product, we took a cardboard box that had been treated with a silicone coating, filled it with water, and added a rubber duck for decoration. The problem we saw for many years is..

Video: Roof Coatings – Part 1

Roof coatings. These aren’t just some paint that we put on the roof to reflect the sun. These are highly evolved, technically produced coatings that will prevent leaks, reflect the heat of the sun, and turn back the hands of time on the old roof that you have now. Water from a 45 mph wind..

Video: Commercial Roofing

With commercial roofing, it’s all about the options that we can give you. Is your roof still repairable? Can we still milk some life out of it? Or is it completely water logged and in need of complete removal before we replace it? Our job is to give you the best two or three options..