Commercial Roof Coatings: Are They Worth It?

Commercial roof coatings are often presented to building owners as an alternative to roof replacement. Generally, these roof coatings are fluid-applied adhered coatings used for roof repair or maintenance. To help you learn more about roof coatings, here is a simple guide from commercial and residential roofing experts at All American Roofing.——————————————– CONTINUE READING ——————————————–Commercial..

Roof Ventilation: Why Is It So Important?

Roof ventilation enables air to properly circulate in your attic, ensuring that the space remains cool in the summer and dry during winter. In this post, siding and roofing specialist All American Roofing discusses how the attic ventilation system works and lists some of its benefits to your home. How Does Roof Ventilation Work? A..

Is a House Wrap Necessary Before Siding Installation?

Getting new siding is a great way to boost form and function for a home. As siding wraps around a property, however, installing one or replacing what you had can be considered a major home improvement project. As such, it’s extremely critical to make sure it is done right, starting with determining whether or not you need..