4 Ways Modified Bitumen Makes for Great Commercial Roofs

Roofing systems for commercial structures, also known as flat roofs, come in a variety of materials. There are single-ply options like PVC, TPO and EPDM. Modified bitumen, on the other hand, is a popular multi-ply alternative. In this article, we’ll take a look at how modified bitumen can be an excellent roofing option for your property.

4 Ways Modified Bitumen Makes for Great Commercial Roofs

1. Longevity

Different materials, different lifespans. EPDM roofs can last up to 15 years. PVC roofs can last up to 30 years; however, they are more prone to damage as they are single-ply. Modified bitumen can last up to 20 years and is resistant to cracks and tears.

2. Durability

Although modified bitumen roofs are easier to install than others, their durability is without question. They are polymer-reinforced and installed in multiple layers. They are also highly flexible, which makes them ideal for protecting your structure from damage caused by extreme temperature changes.

3. Moisture Resistance

Commercial roofing systems also need to be highly effective in protecting a structure from moisture damage. Deterioration from water or moisture retention is best avoided by installing a reliable roofing system during initial construction. Modified bitumen can withstand severe weather and help keep water damage at bay.

4. Energy Efficiency

A good roof should help lower heating and cooling requirements. Having an energy-efficient structure should be a priority of property owners, both for personal financial gain (less energy bill payments) and as an act of social responsibility (less energy consumption). Using modified bitumen can help achieve both.

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