Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve with GAF’s Warranties

Any type of roofing in OKC should come with manufacturer warranties. In fact, the lack of one immediately raises red flags. Simply having a warranty, however, is not enough. The challenge is to provide warranties with exceptional coverage that fits every budget and project size. As a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, All American Roofing can offer GAF’s strong warranties for your peace of mind.

GAF's Warranties

Warranty Coverage

The important thing to know about roofing warranties is that there are two basic parts: material and workmanship warranties. The former covers problems that may arise from material or factory defects. You should file claims through the manufacturer themselves. Workmanship warranty, on the other hand, covers problems that may arise from improper installation. You usually talk with your contractor for this type of coverage.

GAF’s warranties are different, as they back both material and workmanship warranties for your residential roofing in Oklahoma City, OK. Only 3% of all roofing contractors across North America can make that offer.

Warranty Levels

GAF offers three roofing warranty levels:

  • GAF Shingle and Accessory Warranty This is the standard shingle warranty that applies to traditional roofing such as three-tab shingles. It can cover up to 10 years on the shingles and cost of labor. Where most companies offer shingle-only protection, GAF also covers at least three qualifying accessories including attic ventilation, leak barriers, and deck protection.
  • GAF System Plus Limited Warranty The next step up offers up to 2 years of workmanship coverage. This is more than enough time to discover and correct workmanship problems, if any. It also automatically makes you eligible for GAF’s Limited Lifetime warranty.
  • GAF Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty On top of the Limited Lifetime material warranty, your workmanship warranty includes up to 25 years plus coverage on tear-off and disposal costs. This means that you have a long time to enjoy your roof worry-free.

These warranties also include coverage for up to 130 mph winds. You can even transfer it to the next owner.

If you would like to learn more about these warranties or our other services including commercial roofing in OKC, call us today at (888) 786-0400. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule your free inspection and consultation.