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Owens Corning® Deepens Commitment to Sustainability

Owens Corning® — a global company known for providing roofing, insulation and fiberglass products — has issued its inaugural “green bond” this year. The $450 million green bond, which is payable for more than 10 years at a coupon rate of 3.95%, is part of the company’s long-term plans of creating a more sustainable enterprise.

In this article, All American Roofing, a top provider of roofing and windows, shares more information on how Owens Corning’s green bond benefits the environment and the consumers.

The “Green Bond”

The green bond issued by Owens Corning is essentially a fund that will help the company reach its goals with regards to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Through this bond, it aims to manufacture products and develop production technologies and processes that will fit an eco-efficient and circular economy.

In more concrete terms, the green bond enables the company to carry out projects investing in solar and wind power generation facilities. It will also give Owens Corning the boost to promote energy efficiency in internal projects and process. Additionally, the bond will be used in creating eco-efficient programs that reduce waste or increase recycling.

Benefits to Customers Like You

The green bond will fund all research and development that will help the company reach its sustainability goals. With more energy-efficient products coming from Owens Corning, customers and businesses such as roofing companies can benefit from its range of sustainable products. This means that homeowners and builders can have better choices when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint during construction projects.

Furthermore, the company’s pledge to gradually transition into renewable energy is truly laudable. It’s a huge step for a big corporation like Owens Corning to ease its dependence on fossil fuels. And with this action, everyone around the world can benefit from the reduced carbon emissions from Owens Corning’s facilities. 

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