Important First Steps in Dealing With Hail-Damaged Roofing

One of the most dangerous aspects of hail storm damage on residential roofing is that its effects are not easy to identify. High-impact forces can crack, break or even knock entire tabs off the roof, exposing the vulnerable underlayment underneath. Before you know it, the whole assembly has been riddled with holes and you’re leaking water throughout..

Metal Roof Installation Requirements

It takes a lot to learn how to install metal residential roofing. Roofers undergo specialized training and certification to be able to do it completely and correctly. However, it only takes three things to ensure the success of your metal roof: durable and long-lasting attachment devices; enough margin to accommodate cyclical thermal expansion and contraction;..

The Advantages of Buying Roofing Products Made in the USA

A whopping 80% of Americans still prefer buying American-made products. That is according to recent data collected by Consumer Reports, the leading nonprofit in truth, fairness and transparency in the marketplace. With the global trade market in a constant state of flux and the economy changing rapidly, it’s important now, more than ever, to support..

A Closer Look at CertainTeed®’s Environmental Stewardship

CertainTeed® has led the residential and commercial roofing industry in environmental stewardship with their commitment not just to finding green and eco-friendly solutions for your building, but also to developing modern innovations that move their products to the future. They are dedicated to coming up with manufacturing, storage and installation processes that are as responsible and as..

Silicone Coatings and Commercial Roofs

Commercial roof coatings have experienced quite a considerable growth in demand in recent years. This is mainly thanks to property owners slowly recognizing their inherent advantages. The extra layer of protection that coatings provide your roofing system has proven quite effective in almost all qualities that matter to a roof: performance, durability and energy efficiency.

Why You Should Never DIY a Roofing Job

Exterior services rank high in the top 10 most problematic areas to DIY, with residential roofing and siding, in particular, taking the top spots as the most challenging projects even seasoned DIY enthusiasts are hesitant to take on. Whether you want to save some money, or just like the challenge, it’s important to understand the possible risks..