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What to Ask Your Installer Before Getting New Gutters

Gutters divert water at a safe distance from your property, protecting the roof, siding, foundation and other components from damage. Aside from that, they also affect the look of your home. It’s essential to choose gutters that don’t clash with your exterior to enhance your curb appeal. 

Here are questions to ask your contractor before getting new gutters.

What Types of Gutters Do You Offer?

Gutters come in various styles and colors. As much as possible, you’d want to go for seamless gutters. These gutters are available in more materials and colors, allowing you to choose ones that best suit your home style. They look more sleek and appealing because they don’t have obvious fasteners. 

Seamless gutters also don’t need as much maintenance as sectional ones. They are less prone to clogs and don’t need to be cleaned as frequently. This means that they can offer better protection to your windows, siding, roof and foundation. 

How Do You Fasten Gutters?

Nailing is an outdated method of fastening gutters to the house. The nail goes through the outside of the gutters, passes through the inside, and attaches to the fascia and rafter. However, nails can loosen over time due to the weight of water, causing your gutters to sag. Meanwhile, screws are a more efficient method since they don’t pull out nor corrode. Just make sure your installers are using “long-form” screws, so your gutters would stay stable and in good shape for years. 

Who Will Be Responsible for the Clean-Up?

Once your new gutters have been installed, your contractor should clean the site. Your home should be as clean as before the installation began. However, not all installers offer their service, so don’t forget to ask about who will be responsible for the clean-up before your project starts. 

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