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6 Ways You Can Protect Yourself From Home Improvement Scams

Whether you’re having some work done on your roofing or having new siding installed, it’s important that you protect yourself from potential scammers, especially now that home improvement season is at its peak. While it’s in no way your fault that you were scammed, there are certain ways you can protect yourself from such an event.

6 Ways You Can Protect Yourself From Home Improvement Scams

In this post, All American Roofing discusses the six foolproof ways you can protect yourself from home improvement scams.

  1. Don’t Rush to Sign – Once you’ve found a contractor that seems to suit your needs, it can be tempting to sign a contract with them immediately, especially if they’re offering you a good deal. However, take the time to think things through and don’t rush to sign a contract, especially if they’re pressuring you to do so. This can be a red flag of a potential scam so it’s best to move on if this is the case.
  2. Always Get a Contract – The contract is a vital part of any negotiation since it binds the employer and employee. Before signing, read through the contract to see if there’s anything you disagree with in the fine print. If the contractor insists on not getting everything in writing, find another contractor willing to do the work with a detailed contract. Always have a copy on hand so you’ll have a defense against any and all scams that may occur.
  3. Avoid Paying Upfront – Should the contractor demand full payment upfront before commencing the job, don’t give in. In fact, find another contractor if this is the case. Don’t give more than 33% as a down payment to your contractor; that way, they’ll have a reason to complete the job with quality workmanship. Certain states have different limits when it comes to down payments, however, so check your local regulations. To get contractors you can trust, you can always turn to the residential roofing pros of All American Roofing for the best results.
  4. References and Reputation – When scouting for a contractor, always get references from friends, family or neighbors. That way, you’ll know if the person you’re hiring has a good reputation and the experience you need. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau for their rating and any possible complaints against the contractor so you can make an informed decision.
  5. Verify Licenses and Insurance – It’s vital that your contractor is licensed and insured. With the insurance, you’re free from any and all responsibilities should the contractor injure themselves in your property, while the license allows you to ensure that they’ll only give the best results possible.
  6. Permits – Permits are an important part of any home remodeling or improvement projects. A contractor who doesn’t want to acquire the necessary permits is likely an unlicensed and unprofessional contractor who may cut many corners. Should your contractor refuse to get permits, move on and find a new contractor.

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