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Should You Get Aluminum Siding for Your Home?

Homes in Oklahoma can experience some pretty extreme weather conditions. This means poor preparations can have you looking for a siding and roofing contractor pretty quickly. With the right type of materials, however, your home can be well-protected from whatever nature throws in your way.

Should You Get Aluminum Siding for Your Home?

One of the most common siding materials is manufactured from lightweight aluminum coil stock. While this particular type of protection has many benefits, some homeowners are turned off by its limitations. Let our experts at All American Roofing show you the pros and cons of aluminum siding.


When it comes to roofing or siding, metal has quite a reputation for durability. Barring external forces such as the impact force of hailstones or falling debris, aluminum siding can last up to 40 years before showing the first signs of wear and tear. Unlike its steel cousins which contain some amounts of iron in their composition, aluminum is impervious to rust, improving its life span even further.

The biggest drawback it has, however, is its susceptibility to dents. Dented aluminum can be challenging to repair or replace. Physical defects in aluminum also need to be repainted. This process can be tricky, not unlike the process of repainting a car.

Aesthetics and Comfort

A well-maintained aluminum siding is comparable to wood as far as aesthetics are concerned. This material is waterproof, fireproof, and rustproof and can protect against insect damage and rot pretty well. Some areas will require metal siding to be properly grounded to avoid risks of electric conductance. However, its weakness to dents and surface damage is still aluminum’s biggest disadvantage, putting it a notch or two below more modern materials such as vinyl and fiber cement.

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