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The Best Practices for Hot-Weather Shingle Installation

While high-quality asphalt shingles are sturdy and can last up to 30 years, installing this particular roofing material requires following the proper steps. Adhering to the correct installation process allows you to maximize the service life of your roofing system.

In this blog post, your trusted roofing experts from All American Roofing share the best practices when it comes to installing asphalt shingles during hot weather.

Asphalt Shingles Installation Do’s

Your chosen roofing contractor should be mindful of the proper footwear and clothing gear needed for the asphalt roof installation. Appropriate work gear not only boosts productivity and efficiency but also promotes the safety of everyone involved. If the starting date of the project happens to fall on a particularly hot day, a competent residential roofing company will know better than to reschedule. Instead, an experienced roofer will start earlier in the day and avoid working outside when the sun’s heat is at its peak.

Sunscreen is still important, even when the workers are already wearing proper work gear. Forgetting to put on sunscreen quite literally exposes the workers to the detrimental effects of UV rays. Remain hydrated to maintain peak efficiency and to avoid fainting from the heat (or worse, suffering a heat stroke).

Asphalt Shingles Installation Dont’s

Don’t settle for shoddy workmanship. Always be wary of contractors that offer low-cost services. Roofing is rarely inexpensive, and anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is most likely cutting corners or cheating you out of quality.

If you want professional roofing services that won’t disappoint no matter the weather, choose All American Roofing. Whether it’s for residential or commercial roofing, we aim to deliver superior roofing results without compromising safety and workmanship. Call us today at (405) 787-0400 if you’re in the Oklahoma City area or at (918) 583-0100 if you’re in Tulsa, OK. We also serve Broken Arrow, OK. You can also schedule a free consultation by filling out this form.