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Where the Rainwater From Your Gutters and Downspouts Should Go

Your gutters and downspouts are meant to catch the rainwater that runs off your roofing system to safely divert it away from your home. Without them, the rainwater could easily run off your roof and into the ground below, which could eventually seep beneath your home and cause foundation damage. Despite its benefits, however, there are some homeowners who wonder where exactly does the rainwater go?

Here are the places where the rainwater of your gutters and downspouts go.

Drainage Pit

Drainage pits are one of the places the rainwater from your gutters and downspouts can go and are typically built in your garden. Often, drainage pits are three feet deep, three feet wide, and three feet long and are a good choice if you want to catch large amounts of rainwater without disrupting your home’s curb appeal.

Rainwater Collection System

On the other hand, the rainwater collection system is another place where the rainwater from your gutters can go and consists of tanks that are connected to a filter and a pump to enable water to be released whenever you need it. It’s also considered as a good alternative to underground tanks.

Rain Barrel

If you have plans of repurposing the rainwater you catch for gardening or cleaning, then consider installing a rain barrel in your home. Unlike the other two, residential roofing  and gutter installation pros say that rain barrels can be installed either underground or aboveground, making them more versatile than drainage pits and rainwater collection systems. When installing a rain barrel, however, ensure that the downspout has a diverter so the water can securely travel to the barrel.

What Happens if the Gutters and Downspouts Don’t Work Properly

If your gutters and downspouts don’t work properly, your home could face some costly issues in the long run. For instance, if your gutters are clogged, the rainwater it catches can seep beneath your shingles and damage the roofing system as a result. On the other hand, if your gutters are inadequately sized or tilted at the wrong angle, water could overflow and fall to the ground, causing soil erosion and foundation damage.

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