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3 Signs Your Roofing Contractor Cut Corners

Are you noticing suspicious wear and tear issues with your roofing system that is fairly new? These could be unfortunate signs that your roofing contractor skimped on the installation of your roof. These issues may pose bigger problems in the future and possibly require additional, more costly repairs to get your roof up to proper standards.

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Here are three telltale signs that your roofer has cut corners:

1. Mistreating Shingles

It is true that re-shingling is laborious and time-consuming, but that does not mean cutting corners is permissible. Some less experienced roofers may attempt to install new shingles over old, mildly damaged ones in order to save time and tools. A reputable contractor, on the other hand, will exercise meticulousness in every aspect of the shingle work, from spacing shingles to replacement of curling shingles.

2. Using Staples Instead of Nails

Most times, a roofing project can advance much faster if roofers use staples instead of nails. However, while using staples can speed up the process, they are not efficient when it comes to installing a sturdy roofing system. Staples cannot penetrate wood and other strapping materials the way nails can. If you remember your last contractor using staples, they were likely cutting corners on your roofing project. Make sure to consult a qualified roofing company to identify whether your roof needs additional work to protect the occupants from damaging elements outside.

3. Your Roofer Did Not Offer a Total Replacement

Did your last roofing contractor say that re-roofing was all you needed to address all the structural problems that your roof had? Although re-roofing or recovering may extend the lifespan of your roof, it cannot offer long-term protection for the occupants. It is crucial that you correct a bad roofing job as soon as possible to avoid dealing with more expensive problems down the road.

Hire a reliable company to accurately determine what your roofing system really needs. A total replacement is often the best option especially if the roof has more than one affected area.

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