3 Tips for Conducting Roof Maintenance

Maintaining your roofing is important for the longevity of your house. Taking care of it is as important as its installation, since this can mean the difference between a five-year service life and a fifteen-year service life. At All American Roofing, your trusted local expert, we’ve got the best tips on maintaining your roof.

Frequent Inspection

Inspecting your roof regularly is important, especially after winter or a stormy day. This doesn’t have to be done every week. At most, we recommend checking on your roof every two months. This is especially useful during the spring season since you have the best weather for doing a physical check of your rooftop.

Proper Knowledge on Possible Issues

Researching the possible causes of damage can help you protect your residential roofing. Learning about the telltale signs of different types of issues such as leaks and holes will help you spot the problem early, and fix it as early as possible.

Water damage is characterized by dark stains that appear inside your home, along with the occasional puddle. Shingles also take the brunt of overall elemental damage, from wind to snow. Leaks, holes and high velocity pulling are signs that your roof needs an upgrade. A big sign of trouble is when your roof starts to sag.

There are also subtle signs that can indicate trouble. Moss and plant life growing between the shingles could be a sign that the water hasn’t run off successfully. Ice dams and clogging can affect the water runoff from your gutters.

Contact the Best

Lastly, the most important tip for roof maintenance is to consult a professional. Whether you need a roof replacement contractor or a roof insurance claims specialist, it is best to ask a licensed expert to check your roof.

All American Roofing has spent many years in the roof repair and replacement business. We are happy to help check your roof and give a professional consultation for free. Call us today at (888) 786-0400 or fill out our contact form now to schedule a free consultation. We serve clients in Norman, Edmond, OKC and other OK areas.