4 Factors That Affect Your Roof’s Service Life

If there is a component of your home that bears it all, it’s the roof. It not only shields your home from the elements, but it also keeps your family comfortable all year round. There are several factors, however, that can shorten your roof’s service life. All American Roofing, the area’s trusted roofing company, discusses these in detail.

4 Factors That Affect Your Roof’s Service Life

  1. Improper Installation. Different roofing types and materials have various installation specifications to allow them to provide peak performance for years. The problem is, since some owners prefer going the DIY route or working with a cheaper subpar contractor, they end up with a poor performing roof and a voided warranty. It’s also important to keep in mind that your roof is a system of parts working together, so if one of them is installed incorrectly, your roof won’t function properly.

  1. Poor Design. Proper preparation is a must when it comes to roofing projects, otherwise, you may end up with costly mistakes. Incorrect calculations for wind uplift and other problems like condensation are examples of design errors that can result in the premature failure of your roofing system. Working with an expert on residential roofing can help avoid this.

  1. Lack of Maintenance. Your roof requires regular maintenance, even if it’s just to clean the drainage outlets and gutter system. If these are left alone, water can pond on your roof, resulting in mold and mildew growth and extensive water damage. Another maintenance item to focus on is the loss of UV protection, caused by missing shingles, which, if left unattended, can lead to your roof’s failure.

  1. Extreme Weather Conditions. Aside from the daily damage your roof receives from the elements, extreme weather conditions like storms and very hot days can negatively affect your roof. When not dealt with immediately, these problems can cause several costly issues on your roof and the rest of your home.

Prevent premature failure by investing in regular maintenance and prompt roof repairs. All American Roofing can provide you with a range of residential and commercial roofing services that can help preserve your system’s condition. Call us today at (405) 787-0400 to learn more about proper care for your roof. You can also request a free consultation. We serve Oklahoma City, OK, and the surrounding areas.