Advantages of Silicone Coatings for Commercial Roofing

A silicone coating, or Silicone Restoration Membrane as it’s commonly called, is a fluid applied directly onto your existing roof system. It can be sprayed to fill in cracks, blisters and seams. Adding a silicone roof coating can be offered by some roofing companies. In Oklahoma, All American Roofing offers silicone coatings for your commercial roof that saves you from the hassle and cost of re-roofing.

Advantages of Silicone Coatings for Commercial Roofing

Silicone coating can be applied to concrete, wood, OSB and on polyurethane foam. It can also be applied to roofing surfaces without a primer.

It offers a lot of advantages to your roofing:

First, it can be applied to almost any existing roofing surface to create a seamless membrane and is perfect for flat and low sloped roofs. Silicone coatings are permanent and will not degrade, chalk or crack under strong ultraviolet light.

Silicone roof coating is also a cost saver. As long as the existing roof substrate is dry and stable, no roof removal is required.

It is also dubbed as a “cool roof” because it has the ability to keep your facilities cool. It reflects UV rays that helps maintaining good temperature for the building and through this, it is a good way to save energy costs.

Silicone coatings protect your roofing from severe weather conditions and the ponding of water. It also creates a smooth surface for excellent resistance to molds, mildew and staining.

Lastly, these coatings extend the life of your roof and with All American Roofing, warranties  are available with labor and material services.

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