Always Check If Your Roofing Warranty Covers These Points

A major part of the value of your roof lies in its warranty. Just like with replacement windows or siding, choosing good coverage for your roofing system is just as important as choosing its style and material. Unfortunately, not many homeowners fully understand their warranty coverage. This is understandable given the sometimes confusing terms used in many warranty documents.

Always Check If Your Roofing Warranty Covers These Points

Let our professionals at All American Roofing explain the most widely misunderstood parts of standard roofing warranties.

Cost Coverage

Cost coverage pertains to the total maximum amount roofing companies and manufacturers will shoulder should repair or replacement become necessary. There are three major categories under this coverage: original cost, prorated and no-dollar limit.

Original cost coverage warranties will handle services up to the total initial price that your roofing system cost. Prorated coverage is a little more variable, reducing the amount they will cover depending on the age of your roof. The best type of coverage is the ‘no-dollar limit’ coverage which, as its name suggests, places no limits to the amount you’ll need to keep your roof in good shape.

Materials and Labor

You always want to look for warranties that offer coverage for both materials and labor. Materials-only warranties will cover all replacement costs, except for the labor. With this type of warranty, you can expect some out-of-pocket expenses should your roof require service. On the other hand, material and labor warranties will include the cost of having professionals (typically certified and trained by the manufacturer themselves) come out to handle all your roofing or siding issues.

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