Areas of Your Roof to Keep Problem-Free

The structural integrity of your home relies on every part of it being in good condition at all times. Smaller components such as your windows and doors, as well as the larger ones such as your foundation walls and roof, should all be regularly inspected and immediately repaired for possible issues. As far as caring for your roof is concerned, here is what our team at All American Roofing suggests you focus on to ensure that your home is constantly kept safe and sound.

Areas of Your Roof to Keep Problem-Free

Problem-Free Shingles

Comprising a roof’s outermost layer, shingles take a beating during any type of weather. They can be damaged by heavy rain or extreme heat. Strong winds can also break them or detach them from your roof altogether. Keep your shingles problem-free by replacing any broken or missing ones and getting those that are coming loose repaired as soon as possible.

Problem-Free Flashing

You can find various types of flashing on your roof. All of them work towards the same goal of helping keep moisture from seeping into the lower layers of your roof and, eventually, some parts of your home. For instance, the eave flashing or drip edge on your roof helps guide water from the roof’s surface straight into your gutters. Without a properly functioning drip edge, water can end up damaging your exterior walls and siding. This is why our roof installation services at All American Roofing always include installing drip edges as well.

Problem-Free Gutters

Your shingles and flashing may both be problem-free but if your gutters are clogged or broken, consider your entire roofing system in danger of being broken too. Gutters need to be clear of any type of debris at all times. If they are unable to do their job of draining your roof, water may accumulate and end up damaging not just the roof itself but the rest of your home.

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