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Common DIY Roofing Mistakes

Some homeowners try to save money by doing DIY roofing work. However, while DIY roofing work sounds promising, it is likely to cost you more in the long run because DIY roofers almost always make costly installation errors. 

Common DIY roofing mistakes include: 

Installing New Shingles on Top of Your Old Ones

Your old roof should be torn off before new shingles are installed. Yes, a roof overlay is technically possible. Some homeowners have their new shingles installed on top of their old roof in an attempt to reduce costs. However, a professional residential roofing contractor would strongly recommend tearing off your old roof before installing your new one. That’s because a roof overlay does nothing to resolve any underlying roofing issues, which, soon or later, will start to emerge. Not to mention your home’s structure might not be able to handle the added weight load from the roofing shingles. 

Using Too Few or Too Many Nails

Details such as the number of nails needed to properly install a shingle are usually found in the manufacturer’s manual. However, the instructions can get too technical at times. 

Roof Leaks

An inexperienced DIY roofer is more likely to make serious installation errors that can cause roof leaks. Remember: One tiny installation error is all that it takes to open a gap in your roofing system that can allow rainwater to infiltrate your roof’s underlayers. Left unattended, these minor leaks can affect other parts of your home. 

Safety Issues

DIY roofers’ lack of experience and expertise can also increase the risk of accidents during roofing projects. 

Project Delays 

All of these errors can cause project delays, not to mention compromise your new roofing system’s performance. That’s why it makes practical—and financial—sense to let experienced professionals handle all of your roofing projects. 

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