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Flat Roof Ponding: The Consequences of Ignoring It

When it comes to roofing systems, commercial roofs can be a tad more challenging to care for compared to residential roofs, due to their size and lack of slope. In fact, according to experts, that same lack of slope can leave your roof vulnerable to various issues and one of the issues that you wouldn’t want your flat roof to experience is ponding. When your roof suffers from ponding, it’s important that you attend to it immediately. Otherwise, it may cause further issues for your roof.

Here are the consequences of ignoring flat roof ponding.

What Happens When You Ignore Flat Roof Ponding

There are a few drawbacks to ignoring the ponding water on your flat roof. For instance, it can cause dirt to buildup and allow vegetation to grow on your roof. Once this happens, the roots of the growing vegetation can penetrate the membrane of your flat roof and allow leaks to occur. Apart from that, your roofing contractor will also tell you that the ponding water can also act as a magnifying glass that increases your roof’s exposure to ultraviolet rays, which can cause your roof to deteriorate earlier than expected and compromise its structural integrity as a result.

What to Do in the Event of Flat Roof Ponding

If your roof is already suffering from flat roof ponding, there’s not much you can do apart from removing the water from your roof. If needed, you can always ask a professional to assist you in doing so. However, if you’re looking to prevent it from happening again in the future, on the other hand, then it’s highly recommended that you properly maintain your roof and its drainage system. To accomplish this, be sure to remove any and all debris that remains in your roof as they can retain moisture that can contribute to ponding and remove any leaves, twigs and debris that build up on your drains. That way, the water can freely flow through your roof and into your gutters to be directed away from your building.

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