How Roof Flashing Failure Happens

Roof flashing is a thin material made from steel and installed around vents, skylights, and chimneys. It is used to direct water away from critical parts of your roof.  Through roof flashing, your roof shingles are protected and leaks will be minimized, so you’ll want to make sure roof flashings are in good condition. In this post, one of the most trusted roofing companies in Oklahoma explains possible causes for roof flashing failure and why you should be concerned.

Why Does Roof Flashing Failure Happen?

Roof structures, those made of wood in particular, shrink or expand over time due to changes in temperature. This causes your flashing to pull away from the roof surface and keeps it from protecting the relevant roofing areas. 

Poor installation is another reason for flashing failure. Roof flashing installation is not a DIY project, therefore hiring a professional roofer gives you credible and smooth work. It is important to get a well-maintained roof and accurate roof flashing to avoid bigger damage in the future. 

Why Is It a Cause for Concern

Roof flashing can repair roofing leakage. It is installed in the valleys of a roof where two slopes meet and act as a last line of defense against water leakage. Leaks happen when there is a faulty roof flashing installation. If you don’t fix the leak immediately, your drywall will collapse. 

What to Do About It

As a trusted roof and windows contractor in Oklahoma City, we use quality and accurate materials for quality job results. Working on a roof is dangerous and requires a lot of expertise and training to do so. We do not recommend repairing the roof leaks on your own, therefore you need to ask assistance from a professional roofer. 

Homeowners need to make sure that the flashing is always in good condition to avoid leaks and worse issues. Always consult with your roofer for a regular roof inspection to point out damage as early as possible. 
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