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How Roofing Experts Handle Waterproofing Problems

Water-related damage is the number one cause of problems in both commercial and residential roofing systems. Flat roofs are particularly prone to water as the low pitch allows for rainwater to gather in shallow areas where it can penetrate the roofing assembly and damage the underlying structures.

How Roofing Experts Handle Waterproofing Problems

There are a number of factors that can worsen these types of problems. Understanding these factors is crucial to ensuring your roof does not fall victim to the common issues resulting from poor water handling and control. Let our professionals at All American Roofing show you our best tips in dealing with these types of problems.

Waterproofing Failure

Roofing systems installed improperly often perform poorly in terms of waterproofing capabilities. This is one of the main reasons why we strongly recommend trusting only professionals to handle all your roofing needs. They are fully trained in the correct methods of installing waterproofing products and are more likely to maximize your roof’s performance. This means your building gets better and stronger protection against water-related damage.

Multi-Level Water Damage

Problems occurring in the higher floors of a multi-level building often extends to the lower floor. Gravity will always make water flow downward. This means any waterproofing failure at the topmost levels will eventually cause failures in the lower levels as well. This problem is more pronounced in flat roofs but is not uncommon in other types of roofs as well. A good water-resistant coating can mitigate these types of issues and prevent any overflow problems.

Poor Maintenance

Regular inspections and maintenance visits are necessary for keeping your roof in excellent shape. Experts recommend an annual service visit, however, you may increase frequency if your building is prone to extreme weather conditions. When storms hit and your roof insurance claims specialist has determined all the needed repairs, you’ll find that a well-maintained roof performs far better than even the best roofing type with poor maintenance.

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