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How Roofs Affect Home Insurance Premiums

Many homeowners don’t pay attention to their home insurance premiums, simply paying what they are supposed to in order to keep their policies active. However, if you’ve ever wondered what determines how much you should be paying, read on as trusted roofing company All American Roofing discusses the connection between roofs and insurance premiums.

The Role Your Roof Plays

Your roof has a hand in your home insurance premiums because it’s your first line of defense against the elements. How well it can withstand a storm can spell the difference between you needing to file an insurance claim or not due to storm damage. In short, your insurance company is looking at your roof as a means of assessing your risk level. If your roof is in top shape, it’s likelier to survive a storm with minimal damage, which translates to lower chances of a claim being filed. 

Several factors affect just how much your insurance premiums will be, but if you’re a low-risk homeowner (with a roof in good condition thanks to some help from an expert roofing contractor), you can expect to pay lower than someone whose roof needs repairs.

Can Your Premiums Still Change?

This depends on the terms in your home insurance policy, but you can let your insurance company know when you make a home improvement, especially if it involves repairing or replacing your roof. This bumps up your home’s overall protection, lowering your chances of incurring storm and other types of damage, which insurance companies appreciate.

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