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How to Make a Commercial Roofing Job Less Disruptive to Tenants

Commercial roof projects are typically extensive, and one of their challenges is scheduling the work when the building is empty. Since this can be nearly impossible, you can expect tenants to be present while roof work is going on.

That said, as building owner, you have to consider how the roof work can potentially affect your tenants. All American Roofing, a trusted roof insurance claims specialist, shares some tips on how you can prevent your tenants from experiencing major disruptions during your commercial roof project.

Let Them Know About the Roofing Process

Communication is key to situations like this. Make sure that your tenants understand what the roof project is all about — is the contractor going to perform roof repair or roof replacement? Aside from that, help them understand why the job needs to be done. Provide information on the project timeline as well as the inconveniences they can expect, such as the noise, debris or smells. This might also be a good opportunity to advise them on specific precautions they should take.

Take Safety Concerns Into Account

Safety protocols should be in place during the commercial roofing project, and building tenants should be aware of them. For instance, if falling debris are expected to occur in certain areas outside the building, tenants should know this so that they can stay away from such areas.

Plan Building Parking and Traffic

Ensure that your tenants will be able to access the parking area without hassle. Moreover, since your contractor will have to bring in roof materials, tools and equipment, have them deliver all of these at once. It would also be best to unload the materials directly to the roof if possible. This way, your contractor will only need minimal space in your parking lot for a short time.

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