Is a House Wrap Necessary Before Siding Installation?

Getting new siding is a great way to boost form and function for a home. As siding wraps around a property, however, installing one or replacing what you had can be considered a major home improvement project. As such, it’s extremely critical to make sure it is done right, starting with determining whether or not you need a house wrap.

What It Is

House wrap can be made of paper, fabric or board and is designed to cover exterior wall sheathing and protect wall frames. It primarily provides protection against moisture, compensating for any water intrusion that may occur during wind-driven rain. 

Do You Need It?

Siding can’t completely repel water because of how it is installed and having a house wrap underneath is an effective way of keeping moisture out of a home. However, it is not required in all building codes. Other moisture barrier options are available to you from siding and roofing companies, but many times a house wrap is the most logical choice. And even when a house wrap is not necessary before siding installation, a home will always benefit from having a house wrap. 

House Wrap Basics

Some key points to remember about house wraps include:

  • They are not waterproof – It will resist and shed moisture but water will eventually get through when a house wrap is exposed directly to water for too long. It’s supposed to be underneath siding anyway, which highlights the importance of proper siding installation.
  • They will last as long as your home – Barring fires or other types of structural damage, a house wrap will last as long as a home is standing, meaning it doesn’t need changing or replacing.
  • They can be installed alongside existing insulation – The two can work together to provide optimal insulation for the home.

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