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Metal Roof Installation Requirements

It takes a lot to learn how to install metal residential roofing. Roofers undergo specialized training and certification to be able to do it completely and correctly. However, it only takes three things to ensure the success of your metal roof: durable and long-lasting attachment devices; enough margin to accommodate cyclical thermal expansion and contraction; and effective water removal systems.

Metal Roof Installation Requirements

Let our professional roofers at All American Roofing demonstrate the qualities that make for a good metal roofing installation.

A Sturdy Installation

Metal roofs are typically manufactured from 22 gauge galvanized steel or aluminum, however, 24-gauge varieties are also not uncommon. The panels are batten-fill insulated and the full system is lightweight despite its strength. Without a strong and reliable fastener, your metal roofing is prone to get blown away by wind pressure. The fasteners must be aligned with the roof beams and each panel, shingle or tab, must be secured properly in place to avoid potential problems.

Thermal Expansion and Contraction

Like all materials, metals expand at high temperatures. The changes in size are more pronounced, however, with metal roofing due to the low specific heat of aluminum and steel. During installation, our experts recommend minimizing end laps by using metal sheets of maximum length. Adjoining panels must also overlap by at least six inches to provide for the movement caused by the heat and cold. The seams must also be interlocked but movable in all directions.

Water Control

Most metal roofing products are protected by a special anti-corrosion coating. However, constant exposure to moisture could degrade this coat over time. To prevent this from occurring, and to add a few years to the life span of your roof, you will need an effective gutter system to help channel water away from the assembly itself.

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