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Questions to Address When Making a Roof Management Strategy

Roof maintenance requires a solid strategy to ensure its success and continual implementation. When creating a commercial roofing management strategy, it’s best to have a professional guide you through the development of a work plan. Moreover, during the planning stages, ensure that all important aspects of your roof will be discussed thoroughly.

In this post, All American Roofing shares three essential questions that you should never forget to address when making your roof management strategy.

What Do You Plan to Do With the Property?

Look into your plans for the building in the next couple of decades. Do you consider the property a permanent place where you will be conducting business, or will you eventually move to another location within a given time frame? Moreover, do you have plans of making additions or remodeling the building? Make sure that your contractor is in the loop so that they can better gauge the timeline for your roof management strategy. This will also allow them to make appropriate recommendations based on your needs now and in the foreseeable future.

What Are the Contents of the Building?

Let your contractor know what the building’s roofing system will be protecting. Are there expensive machinery or equipment inside the building? Will it serve as some sort of warehouse storing large quantities of products? Is there a constant influx of people and vehicles or trucks? It’s critical to pinpoint these factors so that your roof management strategy can be made specific as well.

What Is the History of the Building’s Roof?

Don’t forget to disclose information on the roof system, such as past repairs and maintenance. Prepare documents or records detailing the date of roof installation, the materials used and their warranty information, maintenance reports, and all roof problems that have occurred previously.

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