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Reasons to Choose TPO for Your Flat Roofing System

Thermoplastic olefin (TPO) was introduced at the beginning of the 1990s as a more cost-effective alternative to PVC roofing products. A TPO membrane is made up of three layers, which are the polymer base, polyester-reinforced fabric center, and the thermoplastic polyolefin compounded top ply. Many roofers and building owners prefer this material due to its long list of benefits. 

Here are top reasons you should choose TPO flat roofing for your commercial property. 

Aesthetic Appeal

TPO is designed to complement different types of structures, even residential ones. It comes in various color options including white, light gray and black. You don’t need to have a white roof to get an energy-efficient roof as all colors of TPO roofing are UV-resistant and “cool.”

Energy Savings

Another reason TPO is a top option for both commercial and residential roofing systems is because of its sustainability. It doesn’t just help with reducing cooling costs but also your carbon footprint, which refers to the resources needed to run a building. The less carbon footprint, the better for the environment. Moreover, the white reflective surface of a TPO membrane exceeds the EPA’s ENERGY STAR requirements. Other options like white, tan and gray are listed with the Cool Roofing Council. 


TPO is well-known for its cost-effectiveness. It has the same benefits as PVC roofing but at a reasonable price. Like PVC, TPO features hot-air weldable seams and improves your building’s energy efficiency. This material also resists mold growth, dirt, as well as impact and punctures. Reinforced TPO membranes stand up well against thermal expansion and contraction, even more effective than other singly-py options. 

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