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Roofing Challenge: Shingle Installation During Hot Weather

Roof installation is by no means an easy feat. Not to mention that the roofing process involves complex steps and has to meet certain requirements to be performed properly. Among these factors is a crucial-yet-often-overlooked aspect — weather. Choosing when to install your roof can influence the outcome of the roofing project just as much as the materials used and the competency of your roofing contractor.

This post will shed light on the challenges that need to be overcome, especially in the case of asphalt roof installation during hot weather.

Asphalt’s Appeal

As a roofing system, asphalt shingles are highly versatile and a favorite among homeowners in North America. But while it’s true that it can withstand arid and tropical climates, asphalt shingles come with a few limitations. These limitations are most notable during the installation process. 


Asphalt shingles should never be stored under direct sunlight. When stacked, these shingles have protective layers of sealant meant to prevent them from sticking together. Prolonged exposure to heat melts the protective layer, gluing the shingles together and compromising the quality of the roofing material. If your preferred roofing company is scheduled to install your asphalt roof on a hot day, it’s best to start early and on the portion of the roof where the heat from the sun is more forgiving. 

It’s good to note that workers have to perform a complex task under (and despite of) the heat. Remember, hot weather already takes its toll when you’re just lounging around the house — what more if you have to be out in the sun and up on the roof. 

Keeping these challenges in mind doesn’t mean shoddy workmanship is excusable. Rather, it gives you an insight into the factors that affect the success of the roofing project at hand.

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