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Roofing Project Management: 4 Tips That Can Make It Succeed

When you’re having a roofing project done around your home, it’s best that you leave it in the hands of professionals instead. However, as you are the homeowner, that means you are the project manager by default. Unfortunately, some homeowners find it difficult to be a roofing project manager.

Here are four tips you can follow to make roofing project management a success.

  1. Plan According to the Weather – As everyone knows, the weather can be fairly unpredictable and unfortunately for homeowners, sudden bad weather could put a damper on your plans for your roofing project. Thankfully, you can easily avoid this by planning your project according to the weather. That way, you and your contractors won’t have to deal with any delays, unsafe work conditions or water damage.
  2. Know Your Project Scope – When you’re having a residential roofing project done, it’s highly recommended that you know your project scope. That way, you can fully understand all of the project’s components and your contractor can give you accurate pricing estimates.
  3. Utilize Technology – With the advent of technology, more and more roofers are starting to use advanced techniques to make roofing projects run smoother, faster, and safer. With that in mind, if your contractor suggests using technology such as drones for the roofing project, don’t dismiss it as it could help you finish your project faster.
  4. Adhere to Building Codes – As much as possible, adhere to building codes when you’re having a roofing project done to avoid issues with your roof as well as violations. With that in mind, observe all local building codes and coordinate code requirements with your manufacturer installation guidelines. If there are any discrepancies between the two, make sure to work it out with your contractor.

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