Soffit and Fascia Damage: Should You Be Concerned?

A residential roofing system is composed of different parts, which make it effective in protecting your home. Soffits and fascia may seem like a minor detail in the grand design of your roof, but they have important functions that ensure your entire roof is in good shape.

In this post, All American Roofing shares why soffits and fascia are essential pieces in your roof system. We also discuss why soffit and fascia damage should be fixed immediately.

Why Are Soffits and Fascia Important?

Soffits are the exposed underside of the overhanging section of an eave. The term is also sometimes used to refer to the horizontal surface beneath staircases, ceilings, and archways. In roofing, however, soffits are meant to help in attic ventilation. They are typically designed with small holes in order to allow air to circulate freely.

Meanwhile, fascia boards are the vertical finishing edge connected to rafters, trusses, or the areas where gutters are attached to the roof. Fascia is basically a protective layer between the outside and the edge of the roof. It ensures that the wooden board won’t be damaged by water during severe storms.

All things considered, a damaged soffit or fascia can expose your roof to excessive moisture, wind, and humid air. Moreover, failure to repair these parts can lead to problems, such as water infiltration, rotting, and pests.

How Can They Get Damaged?

Soffit and fascia damage are often caused by water and sun exposure. When these components are exposed to heat and moisture for long periods, you may eventually have to deal with wet or dry rot. These boards may also crumble after some time, and this can cause you trouble. Avoid worse situations by having your soffits and fascia fixed as soon as possible.

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