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The Advantages of Buying Roofing Products Made in the USA

A whopping 80% of Americans still prefer buying American-made products. That is according to recent data collected by Consumer Reports, the leading nonprofit in truth, fairness and transparency in the marketplace. With the global trade market in a constant state of flux and the economy changing rapidly, it’s important now, more than ever, to support local products, especially in the roofing industry.

The Advantages of Buying Roofing Products Made in the USA

Let our experts at All American Roofing show you the best reasons why it pays when you buy “Made in the USA”.

Support an Independent America

When you’re buying American-made roofing products, you’re not just supporting one roofing contractor or manufacturer. The economy is a complex network of interconnected industries and products. The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) reports that one manufacturing job supports an additional 1.4 jobs in other parts of the country. You’re not just helping roof makers keep their jobs, you’re also ensuring the jobs of everyone that roof comes into contact with, like roofers, insurance companies and other professionals.

Quality is Guaranteed

Nobody knows US conditions than US citizens so you’re not going to trust roofing products manufactured by countries with a completely different climate than ours. The “Made in America” seal is more than a proud declaration of a product’s place of origin. It’s also a guarantee of the product’s overall quality.

Environmental Responsibility

The Environmental Protection Agency enforces strict guidelines, particularly on roofing manufacturers. Foreign products may or may not have the same level of advocacy. So if you want to be sure whether the product you’re buying is from a sustainable and environmentally-friendly roofing company, it’s better to buy American.

This Fourth of July, make your support for American industries known by buying products “Made in the USA”. From roof repairs and maintenance to new roof construction projects, you can trust our builders At All American Roofing, your leading local roofing company. Give us a call at (405) 787-0400 (OKC) or (888) 786-0400 (TULSA) or fill out our online contact form to get a quote and request a free consultation today. We serve homeowners in Tulsa, Broken Arrow and Oklahoma City, OK.