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The Benefits of Installing Modified Bitumen Roofing

There’s a reason why modified bitumen roofing is one of the most popular types of commercial roofing systems on the market. Modified bitumen roofing is waterproof, tear-resistant, energy-efficient and easy to repair and maintain. 

How can these qualities help protect your building and reduce costs? 

Waterproof Qualities and Protection Against Moisture Damage 

Flat roofing systems are notoriously prone to leaks, thanks to their low slope. Water tends to pond on flat or low surfaces, increasing the risk of leaks. That’s why it’s important to install a waterproof roofing membrane. As the name suggests, bitumen modified roofing is made of bitumen, an inherently waterproof material, and several layers, making it highly resistant to leaks and moisture damage. 

Resistance to Wear and Tear 

A modified bitumen roofing system—which is composed of a combination of fiberglass and polyester reinforcement layers—is tear-resistant, making it ideal for buildings with roofs that experience heavy foot traffic, such as rooftop cafes. 

Flexibility and Resistance to Impact Damage and Extreme Temperatures 

Modified bitumen roofing membranes’ flexibility protects them from impact damage and extreme temperatures. The flexible membrane provides enough cushion against falling or wind-driven debris and stretches and contracts as temperatures rise and fall, without losing its shape. 

Energy-Efficiency and Higher Energy Savings

Electricity costs account for a significant chunk of a building’s monthly costs. One way of reducing your electricity cost is to install an energy-efficient roofing system. The top layer of a modified bitumen roofing system can be treated to give it reflective properties. By reflecting heat from the sun and ultraviolet rays, a modified bitumen roofing system can help lower indoor temperatures, reducing the strain on your HVAC system and lowering its overall energy consumption. 

To make sure you get to enjoy all of the aforementioned benefits, only an experienced contractor should handle your commercial roof installation. 

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