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The Ideal Temperature for a Smooth Roof Installation

Choosing the right material for your roofing is extremely important. That said, whichever materials you select for your roof, the smoothness of the roofing installation process is affected by the temperature. Extreme heat or cold can create many issues that may delay the process. In this post, All American Roofing shares considerations you need to be aware of regarding temperatures and roof installation.

Cold Weather

If the weather is too cold, the materials may easily turn brittle. Though it is not impossible to install the roofing materials in cold temperatures, the process can slow down because extra care is needed when handling the materials.

The adhesive on shingles may also fail to stick in cold weather and may not be fully stuck to the other materials until a significant amount of heat becomes present. This may be dangerous, especially with a residential roofing – unfixed materials are safety hazards. In order to avoid this, roof installations shouldn’t be done when the temperature is below 40° F.

Hot Weather

On the other hand, roof installations done in extreme heat may also create difficulties, especially when working with the different materials. The heat may cause materials to soften, making them difficult to place and install. The adhesives of the shingles may also dry out, before one can line them up and have them fixed.

In order to avoid all these possible problems, the ideal temperature for roof installations is somewhere between 50° and 60°F if possible. If the roof needs to be installed immediately, lay a tarp over the broken section of the roof or install temporary roofing. When putting in temporary roofing, use identical materials that you need to put in for good. However, rather than using the permanent adhesive, simply nail the roofing into place and use the adhesive to fix the materials into place once the temperature is favorable.

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