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When Does a Commercial Roof Need Coating?

Coatings have the ability to reflect sunlight and protect the underlying roof system against the elements. They can be applied to practically any type of roof, except for roofing systems covered in gravel or other ballast. But typically, roof coatings are used in commercial buildings due to one of these three main reasons:



Changing the Color of Your Roof

This is usually a good move if you want to improve the energy efficiency of a building. Coatings with high reflectivity prevent the roof from getting hot, taking the edge off of your air conditioning and helping you save on energy costs. If your building currently has a dark-colored roof, you might want to apply reflective coating for better energy efficiency.

For Protecting a New Roof

If you are in the process of replacing an old roof due to storm damage, your roof insurance claims specialist may suggest the application of roof coating as an added layer of protection for your new roof. The application of roof coatings early in the roof system’s life has become quite popular since it is a proactive measure that helps prevent roof damage from the start.

Restoring an Old Roof

If your commercial roof has been exposed to the elements for 10 to 15 years, a coating system can be an effective way of extending the roof’s life span by 10 or 15 more years. Provided that your roof is still in relatively good shape or it is still repairable prior to coating installation, you can opt for a coating system instead of replacing the entire roof. However, if your roof is already too far gone, the coating would likely be pointless. It might be best to replace the whole roof.

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