Why a New Roof Could Fail

Making decisions for having a new residential roofing system installed should revolve not just around how great you want your roof to look, but also how well the actual installation will be performed. Proper installation of every roofing component is crucial in ensuring that your new roof will last you for as long as it is expected to and protect your home at all times. Here are a few things that our team at All American Roofing would like you to know causes premature roof failure.

Why a New Roof Could Fail

Shoddy Shingles

Not all shingles are the same and not all contractors can install every type of shingle there is. Be as careful in choosing your roofer as you are in choosing what type of shingles you want for your home. As your roof’s first primary protective layer, you need your shingles to be properly installed to withstand even severe weather.

Inadequate Flashing

At All American Roofing, we make sure that all roofing systems we install have all the different kinds of flashing they need added to them. The flashing underneath your roof’s shingles, on the eaves, and around the base of your chimney, if you have one, all need to be properly adhered and create an effective moisture barrier. This is especially important during severe weather, when your shingles may end up damaged or completely detached.

Fake Expertise

With so much information available on the Internet about how to perform various roofing repairs or even do a complete installation, it has become easy for amateurs to pass themselves off as experts in installing roofs for homes when the truth is, they are far from it. Always choose to work with true professionals. Ask to look at work portfolios and get insight from homeowners they’ve worked with previously.

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