Why You Should Never DIY a Roofing Job

Exterior services rank high in the top 10 most problematic areas to DIY, with residential roofing and siding, in particular, taking the top spots as the most challenging projects even seasoned DIY enthusiasts are hesitant to take on. Whether you want to save some money, or just like the challenge, it’s important to understand the possible risks of taking a DIY approach to any home remodeling project.

Why You Should Never DIY a Roofing Job

With over 30 years of experience in roofing, siding and other exterior renovation services, our professionals at All American Roofing can show you a few of the biggest DIY regrets many homeowners report.

Safety Issues

Perhaps the first risk that you face when attempting to take on a roofing or siding project by yourself is the issue of safety. Professionals will be fully and properly trained to handle materials and safety with the utmost care. Working with ladders will always carry the risk of falling. The dangers are even doubled when you’re up there with a lot of tools and equipment.

Quality Issues

Your roofing and siding all serve as your home’s first layer of protection against the elements and proper installation is vital to ensure the quality of their performance. Imagine the inconvenience and dangers of facing inclement weather with poorly installed materials. Nobody wants to risk the safety of their property due to shoddy workmanship. You can avoid the potential headaches in the future by trusting only the experts to handle your home improvement projects for you.

Warranty Issues

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a residential or commercial roofing manufacturer that will honor product warranties for roofing systems that were not installed by professionals. Furthermore, you can get better and more comprehensive coverage by allowing factory-trained and certified workers to complete your project.

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