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The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Your Home’s Siding Color

Whether you’re a new homeowner or an old one, choosing a new color for your siding can always become an overwhelming task. There are certain factors to think about, such as the consequences of going with one color over the other or if said color will even fit your home’s architecture. Thankfully, there’s a way to make choosing your home’s siding color a little bit easier on you.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Your Home’s Siding Color

In this post, All American Roofing discusses the do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing your home’s siding color.

Do Consider Your Color Options

Some homeowners tend to restrict themselves to a certain color scheme or palette because they think a wide range of colors can wind up costing them a significant amount. Fortunately, this isn’t actually the case as a wide range of colors can trigger your imagination and may help you decide on a color once and for all without dealing a heavy blow on your budget.

Don’t Ignore Your Neighbors

As roofing companies would tell you, you should always keep your neighbors in mind when doing exterior work on your home. For one thing, they can be your source of inspiration if you ever hit a roadblock when it comes to deciding your siding color. Another reason for this is that it can help you avoid clashing with their exteriors in your attempts to get creative. Always take your neighbors into consideration as your exterior work can not only impact your home but theirs as well.

Do Consider The Recent Trends

Exterior trends move at a slow pace so you won’t find yourself lacking in inspiration should you decide to research the current trends. One such trend is the emergence of color experimentation and tinted neutrals, which are guaranteed to still be in style tomorrow or a few years from now.

Don’t Ignore Your Landscaping

Your home’s exterior is decides your home’s overall curb appeal and as much as possible, it’s best that you match it with your landscaping. Harmonizing your yard and the home itself can help you maximize your curb appeal and maybe even raise your overall values in the long run.

Do a Light vs. Dark Scheme

Try experimenting with a light vs. dark scheme for your home. Light colors can make your home look larger and inviting when away from the curb. Dark colors, on the other hand, makes a home more substantial and gives off an impression of stability and permanence.

Don’t Wing It

While winging it your home’s siding color and hoping for the best may sound like a tempting solution, it’s a route you should never take. Always plan accordingly and experiment in small, hidden areas of your home to see how well your color plans are going. Otherwise, the wrong siding color can deal a heavy blow for your curb appeal and overall property value.

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