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Your Guide to Properly Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding

Like every siding product, vinyl siding needs to be maintained every now and then. That way, it can remain in good shape and aesthetically appealing at the same time. One way you can maintain your vinyl siding is by giving it a good cleaning every now and then and while it may seem like an intimidating task, cleaning it is actually a fairly easy job.

Here’s a guide that can help you properly clean your vinyl siding.

Gather Your Equipment

When cleaning your vinyl siding, the first thing you need to do is gather your cleaning equipment. For this siding material, experts recommend that you grab a soft cloth, a long-handled, soft-bristle brush and your garden hose. Once you have your equipment, you can now make your cleaning solution.

When it comes to cleaning solutions, on the other hand, you have two kinds to choose from: bleach or vinegar. To create a bleach cleaning solution, you simply need to add one quart of bleach for every gallon of water that you have. For vinegar solutions, meanwhile, you’ll need to mix a 30/70 mixture of vinegar and water. 

Clean the Siding by Hand

Cleaning your vinyl siding by hand is the simplest way of getting rid of unwanted stains on your siding. To do this, dip your cloth or brush into your cleaning solution and scrub the siding until the dirt begins to be removed. While you’ll need to scrub hard to remove grime, don’t apply too much pressure as it can crack the siding. Once you’ve scrubbed it down, rinse the water from top to bottom with your garden hose.

On the other hand, if you aren’t keen about cleaning your siding on your own, don’t hesitate to enlist the services of All American Roofing, one of the country’s leading siding and roofing companies.

Alternative Solution: Clean With a Pressure Washer

Cleaning the siding by hand can be tiring and time consuming. With that in mind, if you don’t want to deal with that, consider using a pressure washer instead. To clean your siding with a pressure washer, determine the amount of pressure safe for your siding. Once you’ve done that, aim the washer straight at the siding at eye level and begin spraying. 

Start from bottom to top in small sections and use a side-to-side motion and a steady pace to prevent streaking before you rinse the siding with a garden hose. As much as possible, avoid doing an upward spray as this can force water behind your siding.

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