Red Flags: Signs Your Contractor Is Unscrupulous

Unscrupulous companies, whether we like it or not, are very present in the roofing industry today. Sometimes a contractor can accept clients even if they are financially weak. What does this mean? If a contractor starts having problems with money, they will most likely delay payments and stretch out jobs. When a company does this..

4 Types of Roof Damage That Need Prompt Repairs

Roof repair is one of the last things you want to deal with but is necessary to preserve your home’s structural integrity. The worst decision you can make is to delay this activity and ignore the damage. All American Roofing, a leading residential roofing company in the area, lists the most common yet acute types..

Why Commercial Roofs Are Flat

Have you ever wondered why business establishments often have a flat roofing system? There’s more to it than the architectural design. In fact, from a functional standpoint, low-pitched roofs are a good investment for commercial properties. All American Roofing, a leading residential roofing contractor in the area, explains the benefits of flat roofs.