A Closer Look at CertainTeed®’s Environmental Stewardship

CertainTeed® has led the residential and commercial roofing industry in environmental stewardship with their commitment not just to finding green and eco-friendly solutions for your building, but also to developing modern innovations that move their products to the future. They are dedicated to coming up with manufacturing, storage and installation processes that are as responsible and as..

All About Plywood Roof Sheathing

Understanding the different parts of a roofing system will help you make better decisions when you decide to repair or replace your current roof. A roof consists of several layers that all work together to keep moisture out of your roof’s structure. Today, we’ll talk about the material that goes on top of your roof’s..

Why Commercial Roofs Are Flat

Have you ever wondered why business establishments often have a flat roofing system? There’s more to it than the architectural design. In fact, from a functional standpoint, low-pitched roofs are a good investment for commercial properties. All American Roofing, a leading residential roofing contractor in the area, explains the benefits of flat roofs.