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Do You Need to Match All the Windows of Your House?

Choosing the right windows and placing them properly can beautify both your interior and exterior. You can also expect to have a brighter and fresher home. One of the most common questions homeowners ask contractors is whether all the windows of their house should match or not.

In this blog post, a trusted residential roofing and window replacement company answers this question. 

Should All Your Windows Match?

Many people choose a traditional, symmetric look when it comes to their windows. This approach is more common in neighborhoods where home styles need to match. However, you don’t necessarily need to choose the same windows for your entire house. 

You just need to make sure that your windows are located properly and that all styles complement each other. For instance, you can choose bigger windows as long as they have their own space and have the right trim and muntins. 

More Tips for Choosing Windows

Keep in mind that what looks on the outside doesn’t always work in the inside. This applies to both roofing and windows. You must choose the style, material, and design that will ensure the best look and performance for your home. For example, east and west-facing windows can allow too much sun into your home, making it uncomfortable to watch TV or use the computer due to glare. 

You also need to consider radiant heating and cooling when choosing windows. Moreover, when adding windows to an existing wall, the treatment of the new units should be the same as the existing ones. They should have compatible trim, grille patterns, and muntin style.  

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